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iDinosaur (English Edition) - Augmented Reality (AR) i-Series

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iDinosaur (English Edition) - Augmented Reality (AR) i-Series
iDinosaur (English Edition) - Augmented Reality (AR) i-Series iDinosaur (English Edition) - Augmented Reality (AR) i-Series
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Thanks to the digital magic of Augmented Reality you can bring dinosaurs roaring back to life from the page with your smartphone or tablet. Developed specifically for mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets, iDinosaur delivers a completely new level of Augmented Reality experience. Unleash a T. rex on the breakfast table, or take a photo of your mates as a mighty Pteranodon swoops through the air before their eyes.

iDinosaur brings these long-extinct prehistoric creatures back to life. See your family and friends onscreen, interacting with Augmented Reality dinosaurs and then capture the moment with photos that will amaze everyone!

Special Items Include:
Augmented Reality software is available as an app download. The four iDinosaur Augmented Reality (AR) experiences include:
• AR 1: Unleash a mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex.
• AR2: Go hunting with a Velociraptor pack.
• AR3: Hatch a Brachiosaurus from its dinosaur egg.
• AR4: Send a Pteranodon soaring through the air.

This product works with the following Apple devices using iOS version 4.3 and above: iPhone 3GS and upwards, iPod Touch 4G and upwards, iPad2 and upwards. Plus devices using Android version 4.0 and above based on ARM7 processors and with an OpenGL2 graphics capability, including the galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 Tablet.